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Learn how to work digitally with Banqup

Your Banqup control tool creates one simple digital link between you and your customers.

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Banqup tool to use

What is the Banqup control tool?

The Banqup control tool is designed specifically for you. For accountants, it creates a digital link between businesses and their customers.

How does it work?

It's simple. Your Banqup tool offers you an overview of your customers. You are able to look into your customers' data, view their invoices, documentation and payments very easily.

Check out the demo version of the Banqup control tool.

Your Banqup

One digital solution for you and your customers

One tool for your customers to manage their payments, invoicing and billing. Also one tool to create a digital connection.  

One digital link between you and your customers

Easy to use, eliminates paper and manual work for all

Allows access at any time to your customers' documents, invoices, bills

Your customers

Unpretentious customer management

Be organized in time with your Banqup tool. Banqup provides features for assigning tasks and managing customers.

Invite customers and start working together in Banqup

Integrate customer data into a functional ERP or accounting system

Choose which of your employees can follow which customers

Save time and money

Reduce costs and save time with simple workflows

These workflows are created with accountants in mind. This will help with time saving work setup.

No manual data entry, transparent document access, OCR technology

Exchange documents securely and on time with Banqup's Doc Center

Cash flow and insights

Use your skills where they are most needed

Make the most of your valuable time by providing financial advice to your customers. Now with Banqup.

Simply follow financial customer trends

Give your customers the financial advice they need

Put your valuable hours where they are needed most

"We believe that digitization and paperless work will ensure more efficient business operations."
Frédéric Wauthier

Bultijnck & De Smedt

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